Project (PHEVs) and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs)

Project Abstract :(1 page)            Dueto increased usage of vehicles, parking becomes an major issue to be sortedout.

People in process of searching the new slot roam around the city thusleading to air pollution.Though many solutions are now available for thefinding the free slot for parking, parking with secured acces is one of themajor issues that is addressed today. And also the power used for these parkingoperations are drawn from the grid , that is an depleting sourse. With all thesources depleting, solar is the future energy resourse.Few of the countries areconverting their form of energy used into renewable energy. Our project “RENEWABLE ENERGY AND IOT  BASED SECURED CAR PARKING SYSTEM FOR GREENINDIA” integrates the solar panel and IoT.

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Finding the free slots usingsensor and the user identification datas are sent to the cloud through theprocessor.For more secured usage, OTP is used to acces the car. An lockingmechanism is used to prevent unauthorized user to access the vehicle. Keywords :Motor,IoT,Solar panel,Renewabl energy,Sensor,Processor. Literature Survey:Some survey based on our project “An IoT-based E-Parking System forSmart  Cities”on 30 September 2017.

In this paper,a prototype of internet-of-thing based E-parking system is proposed. Theproposed E-parking system uses an integrated component called parking meter toaddress the abovementioned issues as well as to provide smart parkingmanagement  throughout the city.             “Design of ChargingUnit for Electric Vehicles Using Solar Power” Thispaper presents a charging process undergone for electric vehicles in parkinglot areas. It allows us to evaluate a wide range of Plug-in Hybrid ElectricVehicles (PHEVs) and Plug-in Electric Vehicles (PEVs) charging scenarios andthe corresponding control strategies. In addition, this allows us to explore avariety of communication technologies for a PHEV/PEV charging facility.              “A Prototype for IoT based CarParking Management System for Smart Cities” on May 2016.

Present day’s car parking has become a majorissue in urban areas with lack of parking facilities and increased amount ofvehicles, due to this drivers who are searching for parking space they wereroaming around the city in peak hours. This causes traffic, waste of time andmoney. Methods: To solve those problems, this prototype is developedusing sensor circuit, RFID and IoT. RFID used here to detect the car details,IR sensor is used to find the presence of the car and all details are accessedfrom remotely through IoT.             “RFID-based Efficient Method forParking Slot Car Detection” The proper operation of these systems heavily depends on their ability toautomatically detect the presence of vehicles in the parking spaces.

To date,this problem is solved by expensive wireless/wired systems. As the car presenceis only one bit of information, with importance of knowing the ID of a slot, inthis paper we consider the possibility of using Battery Assisted Passive (BAP)tags for those purposes.                     “Smart Car Parking System Based on IoT Concept” on March 2016.An major issue faced nowadays is the increasedusage of cars, since the usage of cars has been increased the space availablefor parking must also be ensured.But in current scenario, inorder to find an parkingspace cars should roam around the city in traffic, leading to trafficcongestion. The system is made uiser friendly , so that the user can access thedata through mobile application or web application from anytime and anywhereMethodology:     Once the user finds the free slot, theuser parks his car in the slot.He should enter his vehicle number and themobile number.

An lift based mechanical structure is placed on the parkingsurface.Once the data are entered , the mechanical structure lifts up and anone time password(OTP) is generated to that mobile number.Till the OTP isre-entered the mechanical lift remains in the same position.After entering theOTP ,the mechical structure lays down so that the user can acces his car.Thisprovides an secured way of parking, only the person who parked his car canaccess his vehicle.

Vehicle theft can be reduced by this method used. Since thepower used is solar, this method can be operated even in the absence ofelectricity.


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