Project Overview: A media player is a software

Project Overview: A media player is a software program designed to play multimedia contents like music, videos and movies, as they stream in from the network like Internet, or from local storage on a hard drive or other resource.

Media players commonly display standard media control icons known from physical devices such as CD Players and Tape Recorders, they are play (? ?), pause (? ?), fast forward, back forward, and stop (? ?) buttons. In addition, Media Players usually have progress bar to locate the current position in the duration of the media file.Notable Contributions: One of the most popular in this category is the free, open-source Media player called VLC™Originally designed by students at a French university, VLC is now a global project with worldwide contributors. It is popular for a number of reasons, including its cross-platform flexibility, at home on all popular operating system.Mainstream operating systems have at least one built-in Media player.

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For example, Windows comes with Windows Media Player while macOS comes with QuickTime Player. Android OS comes with Google Play Music as default Media Player.Other considerable Media Players are GOM Player, MediaMonkey, Media Player Classic and many more.Related Articles: When iTunes isn’t enough: The best media players for PC and Machttps://www.digitaltrends.

com/computing/best-media-players/Plex adds personalized, streaming news to its media player software distribute Malware-Infected Media Player to Hundreds of Mac Users Media Players Market Expansion Projected to Gain an Uptick During 2017 – 2025http://www. Purpose: This project aims to be a media player that serves as a streamlined, small program that executes fast, does its job and stays out of the way. We can say that this is something without flash, bang and glitter!• Goals of Project The main goal of this project is to create a Media Player that can be used to play media files from local storage. Along with play, the Media player makes it possible to switch from one media file to another, pause when intended as well as shuffle or play all at a time.It would be made obvious to remain stick to the goals at every review session of the project status. Scope of the Work: • Current Situation There is no shortage of media players to choose from, nearly all of which are free. Many, including VLC, have browser plugins so that the player will automatically open music or movie files while surfing.• The Context of the Work While, as explained in the goals and purpose, this project has the basis to be efficient,easy to use, consisting of most desired features as demanded by day-to-day users.

Comparison of Techniques and MethodologiesFor this purpose, the mostly used VLC Media Player can be referred, as it is cross-platform and like most multimedia frameworks, has a very modular design which makes it easier to include modules/plugins for new file formats, interfaces or streaming methods. The VLC core creates its own graph of modules dynamically, depending on the situation: input protocol, input file format, input codec, video card capabilities and other parameters.The default GUI is based on Be API on BeOS, Cocoa for macOS and Qt 4 for Linux and Windows. VLC supports all audio and video formats supported by libavcodec and libavformat. VLC can be extended through scripting as it uses the Lua scripting language.

VLC can generate a number of music visualization displays.2. Our Project Features• Load a File: “Load a File” is a button on our player that gives us a option to select a song from our Initial directory “D:” and we have also an extra point feature which is to add a mp3 and also a video song in the same list at a time we can play them by using the “Play All” button . • Play All: “Play All” is the button that will play all songs one by one that are chosen by “load a file” button and are present in the list.• Repeat Once On/Repeat Off: When you press the button “Repeat Off’ after choosing a single song then the text will change to ” Repeat Once on” and that one song will be run repeatedly until the is pressed again in order to “Repeat Off”.• Shuffle On/ Shuffle Off:Shuffle is a logic to play songs from the list in random manner so we use a built in function random that has the ability to works with the number in the field. Here it works with song’s index number in the list.

List is basically a structure that gives every song a unique number and save their location and name in it.3. PROJECT RESOURCESThe project we are referring to runs on Windows 10 Operating System. PlatformThe GUI is built on .

NET Framework mainly C# Windows Forms and the backend is built using C# classes and concepts. Concept & TechniqueThe overall modules and project work are created using Data Structures, mainly:? String Array .? ListView class(which is basically a simple list ).Data Structure ListWe could imagine the list as an ordered sequence (line) of elements. Let’s take as an example purchases from a shop.

In the list we can read each of the elements (the purchases), as well as add new purchases in it. We can also remove (erase) purchases or shuffle them.Abstract Data Structure “List”Let’s now give a more strict definition of the structure list:List is a linear data structure, which contains a sequence of elements.

The list has the property length (count of elements) and its elements are arranged consecutively.The list allows adding elements on different positions, removing them and incremental crawling. Like we already mentioned, an ADT can have several implementations. An example of such ADT is the interface System.Collections.IListThis project supports various media files formats along with music visualization displays.


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