Project and effective monitoring helps to make events

Project management processes are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing out report. (Kloppenborg, T, J. 2013). The MIT Excellence Awards are MIT’s annual celebration of exceptional performance at our Institute since 2013. Recipients of an MIT Excellence Award are honoured for their outstanding personal contribution, teaching excellence and commitment to living MIT’s Values in the workplace. There is strong attendance support by recipient’s managers, senior leaders, Deans’ and Executive Leadership Team with approximately 400-800 people in total. (MIT website, 2018). The clear communication and effective monitoring helps to make events more relevant, meaningful and very excitement.

Manukau Institute of Technology organise the staff Excellence Award every year. Dates Confirmed – 13th November, Time – 4:30 – 8:00 pm and Venue-MITM Atrium. MIT strives for continuous improvement for benefit of students and better community. Manukau Institute of Technology work closer with people, community of South Auckland to achieve their purpose and mission. MIT is the education provider with their purpose to get students into great jobs in the future. Their mission to deliver tertiary education. Manukau Institute of Technology make sure everyone in the organization have a connection to their values. (MIT website, 2018)

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