Project methodologies and principals about ‘how to

Project management is the combination of all the techniques, tools and skills which are required in order to make an efficient project. For this, there are set upon areas of knowledge and groups under which processes are divided. They all work hand in hand to make a smooth running project.
Project Management includes high level understanding the project methodologies and principals about ‘how to implement the rules and regulations thoughout the project lifecycle’.
Process groups are as follow:
1. Initiating
2. Planning
3. Executing
4. Monitoring and Controlling
5. Closing
All of the above-mentioned process groups works collectively as a bunch of information so that to maintain the proper workflow. To begin with, initiating phase involves the steps which are necessary at the beginning of the project that means understanding the overall project. Then, planning phase involves the high-level thinking on which we apply some tools and skillsets based on the requirement for the project. Once the project planning is done successfully, executing phase and Monitoring & Controlling works hand in hand in order to update in real time and work on the project simultaneously. Finally, closing phase involves the information regarding project closure and how other work is going to get closed successfully in a project.


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