Progress to develop action plans to address

Progress monitoring was used to assess fluency and comprehension in reading. This was administered on a weekly/bi-weekly basis
according to students’ needs. Scott Foresman baseline assessments, pre-tests, and end-of-year tests are administered to show student
growth for kindergarten, first, and second grade students. Weekly assessments, as well as unit assessments, are administered in
kindergarten through second grade.

Instruction was provided to all students using scientifically research-based reading (Scott Foresman) and Engage NY programs. Both
programs are aligned with Alabama’s College and Career Ready Standards and the county-wide curriculum guides. Rachel Patterson
Elementary School used a tiered approach (Response to Intervention) for reading and math. All students received explicit Tier I (Core)
reading and math instruction each day. Tier II instruction was provided to students who did not completely understand or master the skills
taught during Tier I (Core). Tier III instruction was provided to students who did not respond to Tier I or Tier II instruction. Data meetings for
reading and math were held monthly to identify students who were at-risk of failing a subject area or grade level as well as to develop action
plans to address the individual needs of students. The Problem Solving Team (PST) was used to develop action plans and document
implementation of intervention strategies before referring to Special Education for further evaluation.

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