Profiling in Demographic Area, Socio Economic Status,

Profiling and Permit Processing System is a secured web based system to established a development structure integration and to impinge upon with the used of an automated system. The system is conceptualized to simplify and lessen time time for workload in preparatory for a comprehensive plan development which is mandated to equip by producing Data Statistical Highlights generally in Demographic Area, Socio Economic Status, Physical Profile Status, Resolution Permit and Certification. The Employees currently used manual base process or Data Processing specifically on updating, to accessed, and recording all required data reports. The Staff will be conducting survey through a Tabulation Form and a List of Questionnaire to be given in every Purok Leader for each Residence or one of each Housing Units as per requisite, the accomplished Survey Form or Questionnaire will be submitted to the Barangay which will served as their Blueprint Official Documents. Barangay Staff/Secretary may encounter problems and difficulties in keeping all Data Profiling Sheets in tracking, sorting, storing, issuance for every transactions and maintaining an up to date reports yearly.

Manual or Data Processing is unorganized schematic strategy wherein the given task makes it more inefficient and unproductive which Accomplishment Data Sheets or Records requires an automated processing or database system for security keeping as for reference source or preference. The main core or goal for this research is to provide a secured keeping and reliable detailed data, enable to help Barangay improve management system, issuance of Permits and certificates, to keep resident records complete and updated, easily accessible for monitoring and verification. The proposed system,”Profiling and Permit Processing System” will help the client Barangay to maintain accuracy and reliability, for easy and fast retrieval on tracking of records or files

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