Professionals principles are put into practice may

Professionals who work across all children’s services must share a common understanding of values and principles of inclusion. The ways in which the values and principles are put into practice may vary depending on the type of organisation and its role in the education and care of children and young people. Whatever the organisation, the child should always be at the center of all practice.

According to the National Curriculum Inclusion Statement, schools must implement a whole-school approach to both the national and wider curriculum. Schools must:
? provide a curriculum which ensures active participation and achievement of all pupils
? recognise pupils’ entitlement to high-quality learning experiences
? meet the needs and interests of all pupils
? recognise and overcome potential barriers to learning and assessment

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Where personalised learning is successful, children and young people experience:
? a challenging curriculum
? staff who have high expectations
? personal targets
? more focused assessment
? early identification and intervention when targets are not achieved.

Promoting well-being through an inclusive curriculum:
The key role of the school is to provide a good-quality education through an inclusive curriculum, but the school also has a wider roleto consider in ensuring the well-being of children. Programmes such as citizenship and personal, social and health education help to build relationships and also prepare children for living and working in the wider society.

Schools and other childcare services must demonstrate ways that they work toward each of the five outcomes: be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution, achieve economic well-being.

Schools may need to work with specialist services, such as physiotherapy
or speech therapy, so that children are able to reach their full potential.


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