Process service, reduced sales, poor brand reputation. The Company

it includes the systems and processes of the organization affect the execution
of the service. “Service process is the way in which a service is delivered to
the end customer” (Marketing91, 2017) It can be a pay system, distribution
system and steps to ensure a working business that is running efficiently. Good
process can lead to competitive advantage. Poor process can lead to bad
service, reduced sales, poor brand reputation. The Company needs quality staff
in all parts of the process to ensure high level of customer service. Only
these companies which can add value and know client’s expectations then will
reap benefits. A good organisations have internal procedures for specific
processes to ensure consistency and the same standard of service repeatedly
delivered to the clients.


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all organisations are dependent on the people who run them from sale assistant
to the General Manager. Having the right people is crucial because they are as
much a part of a business offering as the product a company is offering. The company’s
employees are important in marketing because they are the ones who deliver the
service. It is important to hire and train the right people to deliver superior
service to the customers. All client facing staff member need to be trained and
developed to maintain a high quality of personal service. Training should begin
as soon as the employee starts working for a company during an induction.

Physical evidence

evidence pertains to how an organisation and its products are perceived in the
marketplace. A physical evidence acts as a differentiator. It is important for
a company to be unique and have an individual character that distinguishes the
company’s offer of competition. There is a lot of places where customers can
buy chocolates and drink a coffee. The Clare’s Chocolates offers something more.
The company’s aim is to “create luxurious haven for chocolate” and “welcoming
and characterful surroundings”.



Explain how Clare’s Chocolates might adapt their
marketing mix in response to three changing market conditions. (One of these
market conditions must be the rapid growth in popularity and use of new digital


conditions change and every company experiences changes. It is important to react
immediately to these changes. These change can pertain to a new digital
technologies, a new competitors or slowdown in the economy. Every organisation
need to react on changing market condition by adapting their marketing mix. It
is essential to be alert to possible changes and amend plans to avoid future

A new competitors

One of
the changing market condition can be the entrant of new competitors into
market, or new, different offer created by existing competitor. The company
like Clare’s Chocolates need to find out as much as can about what competitors
are doing. The company needs also plan a response. It has to select ideas that
would work for the business and innovate. It has to be original and unique. The
change in its marketing mix may involve product element. It can be new product
or some king of innovation of existing one. The company can also adapt their
marketing mix by using new promotional methods to inform potential and existing
customers about new offer and products. It is possible to compare products to
competition to highlight uniqueness and high quality.


the market changing condition is slowdown in the economy the Clare’s Chocolates
has to react. Companies making up-market and luxury products are hit hard by
any downturn. It such an economic situation, customers often cut back on
non-essentials first. For the company like Clare’s Chocolates it tantamount to
decrease in sales. The Clare’s Chocolates should adapt their market mix by
withdraw weak and non-profitable products. The company could adapt changes in
pricing by offering this same high quality but at lower price. But it is
possible to do not change the prices because with luxurious products, clients
are usually loyal and price cutting in not essential. The company might also
offer promotional discounts, which allows the business to keep their market
share during recession.

Digital technologies

growth in popularity and use new digital technologies is another change that a
business has to react at. When an organisation do not adapt to changes in
technology it can lead to the loss of profits and even extinction of the
business. New technologies and innovations can change the market and increase
or reduce the demand for your existing product or service. Change is unavoidable.
Only a business that keep themselves educated on what is happening in the
marketplace and have processes to adapt have a chance to succeed. Currently
smart phones and the internet are the most important in the marketing world.
The Clare’s Chocolates has to adapt to new technologies. A new technologies
brings a social marketing. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube provide
social marketing. Each of them collect personal data. Marketers track clicks
and purchase patterns to collect specific and detailed data. “The ratio of
online to traditional marketing now stands at about 70:30” (Techdonut, 2017).
The Clare’s Chocolates should response to rapid growth in popularity of new
technologies. Up-to-date website, Facebook page and Twitter have to become be
central to its marketing strategy. In the shops where clients are very often in
rush it may be good idea to introduce Mobile Payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay). 


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