procedures work, there are policies and procedures that

procedures to follow at all times to ensure we practice safely at all times. All staff members must continuously risk assess to ensure the environment is safe for children, the floor is clear and no hazards are in place where an accident could happen. parents and carers have to give their trust to the professional to ensure that their child is safe and well cared for. For all staff who work in a children and young person work setting must have a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check to ensure they have a clear criminal background this is to ensure the ultimate safety of the child.

All staff members who work with children have to complete mandatory training yearly about current safeguarding legislation and policies the trust must follow when this happens. Children do not have the knowledge or know how to protect themselves so all hospital staff have a duty of care to do this. In my place of work, there are policies and procedures that we have to follow, these are in place to protect ourselves and children and young people. Legislation applies in the policies and procedures we must follow at work including Children Act 2004, Human Rights 1998 and Data Protection Act 1998.

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In my place of work, we have a confidentiality policy which means that all medical information relating to the child should be kept secured either in a locked cabinet or a locked computer device. All child protection paper work should be documented on the correct paperwork and secured away and only accessed by staff involved and have relevant authority. My place of work also has a policy to make a social care referral if a professional has concerns of abuse or at risk of abuse. The policy includes being honest with the family and explaining the reasons of concerns. All information needs to be documented clearly and precisely and information needs to be shared with the relevant people including the hospitals safeguarding team who must have an input and can offer advice and guidance to staff and to also inform the nurse in charge and the patients consultant as this is per trust policy and is the correct procedure to deal with a safeguarding case. In my trust, there is a policy to follow when information sharing, this must only happen with the correct professionals who are involved and who need to be involved.

This is in line with the confidentiality policy. In my place of work, we also have a whistleblowing policy, this is a confidential phone line that staff members can call if they are experiencing suspected misconduct, illegal acts or failure to act in line with the trusts policies and procedures. It is important that all staff members are aware of this policy as its important to raise and discuss these concerns for the patient’s safety and the staff members safety.


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