Problems: morale and production. Projects are taking

Problems: • Graphic designers aren’t receiving appropriate feedback from the art directors• Art directors are altering the graphic designers work without consultation• Account managers are accepting new accounts without analyzing the current workload• Traditional procedure training hasn’t been given to the new management Facts and Causes:• Interview findings support lack of communication between art directors and graphic designers and are resulting in longer hours for projects.• Client surveys imply the level of customer service and support from account managers has declined since new management has come aboard because of the lack of training.Impact and Effects:• Employees have gone from working on average a 42 hour work week to a 52 hour work week. The 10 hour weekly increase is causing a drop in morale and production. Projects are taking longer to complete due to lack of communication and morale is dropping because employees feel overworked and uncompensated.• New management has not been to the traditional procedure training course; therefore they have not been following standard procedure with staff administration. Solutions:• Graphic designers and art directors are to schedule a daily meeting to go over project outlines and updates.

Also they will collaborate together for the final project outcome. The open door communication between the graphic designers and art directors will ensure timely delivery of service to the client and reduce extended work hours for employees improving workplace morale.• Traditional procedure training will be scheduled for all new management immediately. One month after new management completes their training a second client survey will be sent out. Improvements in client response are expected at that time.Illustration:• A line graph should be produced in order to show the increased weekly hours of employees since new management was hired and compared with weekly hours worked under previous management.

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• A bar graph should be rendered as representation of overall client satisfaction under old management, new management and new management after receiving traditional procedure training.


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