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Private Vs. Public What is better a small private college or a big public one? Making the choice to attend a private or public university is a very big life changing decision for many young teens in this world, many young students and their parents choose colleges based upon the cost, environment, and stability. There are many similarities between the public and private universities, when choosing a public university, one can save at least a fortune in tuition and fees, a year’s tuition at a private university can be up to at least five to ten times higher than the average cost of attending a state university. One of the biggest differences between public and private colleges are the number of applications for enrollment, more teenagers apply to public universities because they have a lower acceptance rate, one of the biggest differences between private and public colleges is their size and the number of degrees they can typically offer. Well to begin with, both universities require the student to have a GED or a diploma to be able to apply to the school, they both require standardized test such as SAT or the ACT or some have their own entrance examinations that is also required. Private colleges tend to have a much smaller campus than public universities and may have only a few thousand students’ public universities and colleges can be big, and some are huge like the size of a stadium and have up to millions of students. Private universities campuses don’t have dorms where students can live in, but if a senior in high school were thinking about living on campus, they would choose a public college instead.

Another reason why private college are better is that in the classes you only get about fifteen to twenty-five students in the classrooms and you wouldn’t feel so pressured to make new friends and speak a loud in class. Public colleges are the opposite of private ones as you can probably notice, like for instants of course you’re going to have a much bigger class basically your classes would be in an auditorium and the professors normally don’t take role because the number of students in class would take up the amount of time

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