Prior are produce extensively for usages in plastic,

Prior to the application of given polymeric materials, the information that relates to their post environmental impact is particularly essential. These polymers can be synthetic or natural. In the 21st century, synthetic polymers which are mainly derived from fossil fuels/or synthetic monomers are produce extensively for usages in plastic, textile, pharmaceutical, electronics, and aerospace industries, or in wastewater treatment plants for removal of toxins.

Most of these polymers are non-degradable under normal conditions; therefore, they persist in the environment and therefore threatening the health of the biota. As a result, there is continous search by researchers to explore alternative materials like polysaccharide biopolymers. In accordance to the principal of green chemistry, use of degradable and renewable feedstock can help to establish a greener environment. The term ‘polysaccharide’ simply means the biopolymer of saccharide that belongs to class of carbohydrate polymers. Others members include simple sugar or monosaccharide and oligosaccharide. Glycosidic linkage connects structurally sugar residue.

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1.1.1. Definition of PolysaccharideThe word ”polysaccharide” has Greek origin, where the collective terms ‘polu’ and ‘sakkharon’ respectively mean many and saccharide.

Thus, polysaccharide is a polymer containing many units of saccharide molecule. They are regard also as polymerized sugars. The unit of sugars in polysaccharide covalently bound together through glycoside bond. In another meaning, polysaccharide popularly known as storage and or structural materials found naturally in living matter.


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