Print eBooks, the definition fo the book has

Print Book vs eBook: Is one superior? Who suffers?
With the invention of the world wide web, the internet and the computer. Everything is now available online. From doing your grocery shopping, downloading music, buying clothes and running a business, almost anything you can think of can be done from the convenience of your own home. And with the age of technology, this means we can read from the convince of a palm sized, rechargeable, device. However, with technology moving forward, some people prefer the print book to the eBook. The argument of ebook versus print comes down the the preference of the reader, but also comes at the cost of publishers apposed to the titan of Amazon.
What is a book?
In the age of media, what is the definition of a book? According to HYPERLINK "", a book is “…a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers…or…a bound set of blank sheets for writing in.” (Google, via HYPERLINK ""
With the invention of eBooks, the definition fo the book has been expanded to include its online presence.
Advantages and disadvantages of print book:
•Tangibility – They get a tangible item for their money.

•Accomplishment – They feel more accomplished when the mass of the book moves from the right side to the left and they know they are almost done.

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•Library – Some people like to have a library of books to select from.

•Aroma – Some people like the smell.

•DIY – One person has said she couldn’t use a stack of eBooks to prop up her couch if the leg fell off.

Advantages and disadvantages of ebook:
Not only are eBooks like the Kindle available in a multitude of websites online (Ebay and Amazon for example) but if you walk into any Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Jb-Hi-FI, Big W or many more, you’ll be able to buy a Kindle or other brand of eBook. So the convenience is obvious. Now when it comes to the financial side, the average Kindle costs around $100, but then ebook downloads can range from about 70c to $15. Take the classic Pride and prejudice for example, from the popular book store Dymocks, the Penguin Books edition of Pride and Prejudice costs $12.99, but the ebook version from amazon is only $1.99. So as you can see, over a lifetime, you can save a lot on books.
My personal favourite advantage about the eBook, being an environmentalist, is the tonnes of paper that can be saved from moving electronic books. The facts are, that “a single e-reader’s total carbon footprint is approximately 168kg…noting that the 168kg needed to sustain a Kindle during the entirety of its lifecycle is a clear winner when looking at potential savings of nearly 1,074kg if it is used to replace 3 books a month for 4 years.” (Carpenter, 2016)
Relation to our culture:
Publishing: But this is nothing new; this has always been the case, although the environment has become more challenging for publishers during the era of the web and the current global financial crisis that is hitting both the news industry and its business environment ( HYPERLINK ""
My opinion/summary:


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