Principles will ensure the right equipment is

Principles for safe moving and handling include:
-Avoiding hazardous manual handling to ensure no person becomes harmed or injured, including yourself, any hazardous manual handling could lead to future ill health.
-Conducting a full risk assessment on load, task, environment and individual, conducting a full risk assessment will ensure the right equipment is used for the task, and will ensure the right equipment is used for the persons individual needs, and conducting a full risk assessment will ensure the safety of all people involved in any tasks involving moving and handling.
-Reporting immediately any difficulties, this can help to ensure all individuals are kept safe from any harm, if equipment appears to be unsafe to use on one particular individual, for example using a stand aid on someone who used to stand really well than then starts to become too weak to stand upright will need a new assessment to ensure the right equipment is being used.
-Adhering to agreed working practices, if you don’t adhere to agreed working practices, this could potentially put yourself and others at risk and then possibly lead to a disciplinary.
-Using equipment correctly to ensure there is no damage to the equipment for and future use, and to ensure the safety of yourself and the load or individual, any misuse of equipment could potentially cause injury to others using it or cause further damage to the equipment, building or other people. If any equipment is not used correctly and then becomes damaged, this could then potentially lead to others moving and handling incorrectly because the equipment is out of order. It could also lead to individuals not receiving the correct care form the home if the equipment is out of order and not available when individuals need the assistance of equipment for daily tasks such as getting from their bed to chair, or needed for getting on and off of the toilet.


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