Preventing armed conflict”. The campaign received a great

Preventing the recruitment of child soldiers is greatly important because of how it’s affecting children on a global scale and how it could possibly get out of hand in certain places. Since child soldiers the introduction of child soldiers a great number of soldiers of them have been released but there are a lot of places that still use them. This problems has been in effect for years now but some countries still use child soldiers and one of these countries is Africa. It is estimated that in Africa alone the number is quite considerable with an estimated 120,000 children working as child soldiers. And one of the latest events relating to this was when 10,000 child soldiers were used by army groups in the latest conflict in CAR. A campaign was created in 2014 called “Children, Not Soldiers” that aimed on ending and preventing all of forms of recruitment and possession of child soldiers. At the Launch in March 2014, the campaign payed attention on the 8 national security forces listed for recruitment and use of children in the Annexes of the Annual Report of the Secretary-General on children and armed conflict”. The campaign received a great amount of support from member states, UN, NGO partners, regional organizations, and the general public. As well as the campaign the UN adopted the United Nations Security Resolution 1612. This resolution included progress on developing guidelines to protect all children in armed conflict. In practice children’s rights were still violated and there was lack of progress on the ground. Before this back around 1539 there was a resolution. The resolution started by condemning use and recruitment of child soldiers. The Secretary-general was told to devise a comprehensive monitoring mechanism within the span of three months on the recruitment as well as use of child soldiers and abuse committed against any children. This resolution also included other things such as requesting the UN to implement HIV/AIDS education, testing, and counseling. The UN has done a lot about this problem, they have really help reduce the number of child soldiers. As stated before Africa is one of the few countries with child soldiers with Africa ranking on top. A great 40 percent of child soldiers come from Africa alone. Africa has the highest growth rate of child soldiers and on average the age of the enlisted is decreasing. The UN estimated that in the year 2014 around 6,000 children were involved in the ongoing civil war at the time. The use of child soldiers in democratic republic of Congo has been described before by the United Nations Organizations Stabilization Mission as “endemic”.  


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