preterm cause of neonatal mortality and the second

preterm birth is defined by the world health organization as babies born before 37 completed weeks of gestation or fewer than 259 days since the first day of womans last menstrual period. prematurity is a worldwide problem in which the prevalence ranges between 5-18% across 184 countries. preterm birth is the first leading cause of neonatal mortality and the second leading cause for under-five mortality. different studies in ethiopia estimated the prevalence of preterm birth ranging from 4.4-25.9%. however there are little evidences on the determinants of preterm birth in the southern ethiopia particularly in the study area. objective: to identify determinants of preterm birth among neonate admitted to neonatal intensive care units at public hospitals in sidama zone. method: facility based case control study design was conducted from mar01-may01 2018 in sidama zone. cases n=70 were neonates born before 37 completed weeks of gestation and controls n=210 were neonates born at or after 37 completed weeks of gestation were selected by usingsystematicrandomsamplingechnique. data was entered using epi info version 7 and analyzed using spss version 23. both bivariable and multivariable logistic regression model was used to identify determents of high preterm birth and variables with p-value of

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