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Southern Chef, is a restaurant chain with currently having 7 locations in Houston. They have revenues of approximately $325 per square foot year. Each of the location has 5000sq of space and also a High Capacity Internet connection. It has an excellent well maintained website with Menu cards as well as Promotional materials.
The Restaurant is planning to add a curbside take out service with online ordering wherein he/she can use the website to browse different foods in any of its location without having to wait for it physically. The customer will have the option to check menu by location or special deals that are on. Moreover, they will have the benefit of getting exclusive discounts while ordering online offered by the restaurant.

The marketing team estimates that once the new service takes over, there would be a 15% increase in the revenue per square foot.

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Online ordering gets easier the more you do it. Order online, pick up at the curb, and save time.
It’s been observed that a lot of places have been doing this for a while.

Just call in over the phone.
Wait for 10-20 minutes depending on the time frame you’ve given.

Pull in to the restaurant, Get the food and pay for it.

According to the analysis made, there could be an increase in the revenue due to quicker service, guest loyalty and satisfaction. There has been a misconception in the past that restaurants could put a sign up with a phone number on it so that customers could place an order when they arrived, but this model doesn’t work like that.

Technology has made the curbside pickup simple so that no additional labor is required.

The staff actually meets the customer food in hand when they pull in.

1)The new service of curbside pickup and online ordering will satisfy the needs of a customer.

2)With the increase in number of guests, the demand on the upcoming system will exceed its ability, prompting the need for additional staffing.

3)High competition from other restaurants should also be in mind.

4) Proper marketing and publicity should be done.

Increase in revenues.

More openings of the chain.

Tangible benefits includes the revenue amount which were $1,13,75,000 for 7 locations earlier. But after the new service, we could see a growth of 15% which would estimate the total revenue amount of about $1,30,81,250.

Intangible benefits would see the increase in service.


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