Power demand is the main focus of

Power extraction from the PV generator and transfer to the load either in fast varying weather conditions or non-linear load demand is the main focus of a number of research in DC and DC to AC micro-grid. For that reason, maximum power point tracking techniques are developed to harvest and supply power to the load depending on the power generation and local demand with relatively small loss. Among all the developed MPPT techniques the incremental conductance method shows fast tracking and high efficiency under fast varying atmospheric conditions. Accordingly, this paper proposes an intelligent fuzzy incremental conductance technique which aims to adjust automatic variation on the duty cycle and to provide a synchronized output voltage delivered to a resistive load with the aim of reducing power loss from the generation to the consumption. The validation of the proposed regulator is performed through MATLAB/ SIMULINK interface for a DC micro-grid. The results obtained with the proposed controller are compared to the previously proposed approaches. A fast tracking and response of the proposed algorithm with increase in efficiency of energy produced are achieved using the suggested intelligent controller.


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