Positive locked away. Keeping the setting clean

Positive environment
What is a positive environment?
A positive environment is one that supports all aspects of development (intellectual, emotional, social…….), children’s learning and provides ways for practitioners to extend on their learning and developing, challenging children and promoting times for them to rest. Positive environments have, a welcoming approach, safe and secure environment and inclusive environment (being able to let them be who they are and feeling safe). Also, the use of space within the setting will make it feel like its more of a positive environment. There need to be space for free play, personalised play activities (liked to a child’s interest) or messy play, quiet activities like the book corner, physical activities free flow garden, role pay areas such as the home corner, space for resting and space for meal times.

Identify regulatory requirements that underpin a positive environment for children and young people
EYFS framework- the EYFS will help us (early years practitioners) know where the child is regarding their development and will help us know what skills are needed for them to start school. And it will help the child develop because of the development opportunities which are planned around their needs and interests.
Childcare act 2006- focuses on supporting children most at risk of poor outcomes and improves well-being for young people and children.
Health and safety at work act 1947- we keep all flammable and dangerous chemicals away and out of the reach of children locked away. Keeping the setting clean and presentable and make sure everything is in working order and won’t cause any harm to the children or anyone working or coming n and out of the setting. Protective clothing so that any infection can be prevented from spreading to you or another member of staff. Report any accidents or injuries that happen within the setting. Inspections should be carried out to make sure the setting is safe for children to attend and that.
Within the setting there should be, data protection, policies and procedures, registration form, accident forms, first aid boxes and guidance, staff employment contracts, etc.

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