Pos stamps. The letter sent has been receipted.

Pos Malaysia Berhad was established in the early 1800s. Among the first establishments undertaken by Pos Malaysia Berhad were in Penang, Melaka and Singapore.

In the 20th century, its services expanded throughout Malaya. In the century, the process to do is the payment has been collected when the letter has been delivered to the post office with postal stamps. The letter sent has been receipted. This process has been used for many years and in today’s the evolution of technology , Pos Malaysia Berhad’s service has changed the system to facilitate customers to use this service.

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This, the customer can save time and process more systematically.Pos Malaysia Berhad is also a national postal provider and develops into a conglomerate. It competes directly and indirectly with various domestic and international companies offering supply chain solutions and financial services.Pos Malaysia Berhad has a network of more than 1100 touch points with a nationwide presence with Pos Malaysia Berhad being the country’s postal service provider. Among the networks are post offices, PAMs (Pos Automated machines), Pos Minutes, Pos Laju Kiosk, Pos Laju Prepaid EziDrop, Hap e-commere, Pos-on-wheels ; Go 2U (mobile kiosk) as well as offering the largest retail network to Malaysians. Malaysia will move forward and will continue to transform and innovate to maintain relevance and competitiveness.

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