Political country in spite of having great difficulties.

Political priority:
In Bangladesh every political party (ruling party) wants to take policy according to their wish and in favorable to them. The political priority refers to the degree of which the leaders of the political parties consider and work on a specific problem (Millar and Samualson, 1999). According to the severity of the problems the political leaders takes decisions about allocating human, financial and technical resources. Most of the time (specifically in Bangladesh), the political priority encourages or discourages a policy if that issue is not given the political consideration.

Economic situation:
Tax revenue, government`s budgetary priorities, corporate benefits etc. are some of the most prominent issues of taking a public policy. Because the policy makers always seeks to bring out the best output of the policy in low cost. A country like Bangladesh cannot take a luxurious budget because of the economic inability. But the policy makers takes such kind of policy sometimes for the wellbeing of the country in spite of having great difficulties. For example, “ the Padma Bridge project” is one of the most luxurious and big projects taken by the government. Though there were so many questions and difficulties at the beginning but the policy makers took the policy because they have found multiple and numerous benefits from this project.

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