PlayStation controllers and a memory card. The memory

PlayStation was made in 1994. PlayStation is one of the fastest consoles to date, this console has sold millions and they are still growing.

Since 1994 the console has evolved over the years. To where little kids to teenagers can play it. This console is on its 4 generation and still making more.PlayStation 1 was the first, computer entertainment platform to sell 100 million units. The PlayStation has the ability to read and play audio CDs. And this console has the ability to play video games.

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The console have up to 2 controllers and a memory card. The memory card is design to save the game from that previous spot.The PlayStation 2 is the best-selling console of all time, having reached over 150 million units.

The PlayStation 2 has online multiplayer gaming through the use of a broadband internet connection. And a PlayStation 2 network adapter. PlayStation 2 has the ability to play ps1 games and watch movies. It’s an upgrade on the last installment.PlayStation 3 Memory card has a size of 160 GB. This console can have up to 4 controllers on the game system. The graphics have improved up to 1080 HD. The system has Bluetooth (with support up to 7 Bluetooth devices).

PlayStation 3 can download any video game. Sony PlayStation has built in a system for the console to have internet apps. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many more.The PlayStation 4 has a camera, virtual reality, touchpad on the controller, and a rest mode. PlayStation 4 has 3 models the original, slim and the pro. The original PlayStation 4 have 500 GB and a controller. The slim and the pro have a 4k video output.

PlayStation 1 was the first system for Sony. It was very easy to play, it was conformable and fun. But technology has took its role and improve.

Sony made the ”PlayStation 4” and upgrade the system. The graphics, apps, storage, and the games has really got better.


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