Physics, the gravitational pull of the earth’s core,

Physics, is one of thefew branches from a tree called science. This tree has helped mankind in somany ways, improving our lives and making us strive for the fullest no matterwhat the challenges might be.We have had numerousgeniuses that helped in improving in this field.

Modern physics so be it,physics will always be physics no matter how we look at it. It is still a study of the physical laws ofmother nature or better known as natural phenomena that are prevalent in thenature, the gift given to us by god himself.Two of the most iconicfathers of modern physics are, Sir Isaac Newton why? Because of his discoverythe ground-breaking discovery of, laws. The law of motion, we have studied insecondary school. This is one of the basics of physics for us students. But, that’s not all he also founded the law ofgravitation. To be specific the gravitational pull of the earth’s core, mostformula revolving around or in the earth has the value of 9.8ms^1 thanks tohim.

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The second father wouldbe, Albert Einstein. He founded the theory of relativity. An example of this would be, we may not ask if it’s true that only one thestraight linescrosses two points. We can only say that Euclidean geometry deals with things called”straight lines”, each of which is given the property of beingindividually determinedby two points located on it.

The “true” concept does not agree withthe statementsof pure geometry, because with the word “true” we finally have thehabit of alwaysdesignating correspondence with a “real” object; geometry, however,is not concernedabout the relationship of the ideas involved in it with the objects ofexperience, but only with the logical connection of these ideas to each other.To be honest, it’s really hard to define exactly what physicsis. On the one hand, physics continues to change as we progress and make newdiscoveries.

New theories do not just bring new answers. They also create newquestions that may not make sense if viewed within the theory of previousphysics. This makes physics exciting and interesting, but it also forcesattempts to define physics in generalizations about what physics has beenrather than what it might be in the future. That said, the definitions areuseful.

 So, if it’s adefinition you want, it’s a definition you’ll get. For the most part,physicists are trying to do the following. Define accurately the most basicmeasurable quantities in the universe example, Speed, electric field, kineticenergy. The effort to find the most fundamental description of the universe isa research that historically has always been an important part of physics. Findthe relationships between those fundamental measured quantities for exampleNewton’s laws, energy conservation, special relativity.

These patterns and correlations are expressedusing words, equations, graphs, charts, diagrams, models and any other meansthat allows us to express a relationship in a way that we, as human beings, canunderstand and use better.


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