Physical contain messy experiences such as water, sand,

Physicalenvironment •        Entry zone are transitional points in anenvironment and they act as doorstoppers to provide children and families aclear sense of space, predictability, and security. Both children and parentscan experience separation anxiety so an attractive and cheerful entrance candispel their fears, inviting them to enter a special place designed just forthem.  •   Room regions and zones, wet and dry regions in aToddler space are further sub-divided into zones such as entry, messy, activeand quiet. Wet areas can contain messy experiences such as water, sand, art,science and cooking. Active areas can include play experiences for gross motordevelopment, dramatic, block and music movement. Quiet zone can contain bookarea, napping and solitude work activities requiring concentration such aspuzzle and sensorial play.

   Infantspaces are more open in design and include spaces for active mobile infants andlow mobile infants. Mobile infants require soft spaces to roll and reach for toys. Low table and chairs aresufficient for older infants to engage in fine motor activities such as puzzleplay.

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There should also be comfortable adult seating such as a couch or glidingrockers for teachers and parents to feed infants.•   Boundariesare defined in each play and work area to avoidconflict and disruption. Quiet and active zones should be separated from eachother to allow children to play and explore uninterruptedly. Boundaries alsodefines pathway from one play area to another, which allows ease in movementsin the environment.

  Boundaries in cosycorner and reading coroner provide privacy for children who need quiet timeaway from group setting.  •   Surfacesfor variety of play and sitting areas supportactivities in a room. For example, child size chair and table engage toddler intable activities and non-skid flooring for babies allow babies to crawl andengage in physical activities. Placing a couch in the book area will allowchildren to engage in collaborative activities like sharing a book.   


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