Phyllis industry. Pj’s coffee introduced good beans and

Phyllis Jordan started Pj’s in New Orleans it was a beginner in the coffee industry. Pj’s coffee introduced good beans and techniques to prepare coffee. They also introduced trained baristas that had a passion for making great coffee. They weren’t just a coffee shop they were a community-oriented coffee cafe. They introduced nutritional information with their wares so that the customers would understand if they lead an unhealthy lifestyle, so they gained popularity among people that pointed at a fitter lifestyle. This Coffee brand is known to employ exclusively the top Arabica beans, which are bought by fourteen different origin coffees from Sumatra to Ethiopia. Pj’s coffee has a Roast Master known for taking in all the different and original coffee blends. The Roastmaster is also responsible to prepare the beans that arrive at the farm to be served in the coffee shops. The Roastmaster Felton Jones has the experience of 22 years with this Coffee brand.

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Pj’s coffee offers a vast range of hot, cooled and frozen coffee products. They said that they utilize the best of Arabica beans, healthy organic tea and fresh breakfast products. It is recognized to make original coffee blended products. They have likewise picked up an award for cold ice brewed coffee. They also encourage the clients to come up with their own unique creative coffee blend, which increased their sales and they came 2nd Pj’s coffee product for five years in a row. Fresh baked products are also available in Pj’s coffee almost anytime. They focus protecting sustainability. They strive to keep their products, environmentally favorable and healthy for the clients. They ship in the Arabica beans to their farm. Where the RoastMaster perfects them for their products. They provide their deep brown from their farm to directly to their coffee stocks.


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