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In this paper, I will deliver a reconstruction of Descartes’ Cogito Argument and my reasoning to validate it as indubitable. I will do so by justifying my interpretations through valid arguments and claim, by showcasing examples with reasoning.Rene Descartes is a French Philosopher of the 17th century, who formulated the philosophical Cogito argument by the […]

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Alizabeth cave and go over all the elements

Alizabeth OwingsPhilip BrewerEthics and MoralsFebruary 20, 2018Allegory of the Cave Plato’s “The Allegory of the Cave” is a section of his larger book “The Republic.” Plato is one of the most famous and well-known philosophers ever. His writings have influenced many other famous writings, including the bible. He is considered one of the most influential […]

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This language is the device to communicate thoughts

This term research which is entitled Indirect speech acts in English, is about the new and important theory that belongs to three philosophers and scholars, Austin, Searle and Wittgenstein. As it is clear, language is the device to communicate thoughts and ideas of our everyday lives. It is with language that we can deal with […]

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Encoding and Plato. A major figure in the

Encoding is still relatively new and unexplored but origins of encoding date back to age old philosophers such as Aristotle and Plato. A major figure in the history of encoding is Hermann Ebbinghaus (1850–1909). Ebbinghaus was a pioneer in the field of memory research. Using himself as a subject he studied how we learn and […]

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Al-amin Phil 2015 Essay 1 Nov 14, 2018

Al-amin Balogun(214517122)Prof: Stefan RoddeTA: Dan BarronPhil 2015Essay 1 Nov 14, 2018Word Count- 1602 Injustice and The Good Life: A ParallelThe good life, according to most philosophers is a life that has been lived well and was full of flourishing. In order to live a life full of flourishing, one had to be virtuous and possess […]

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The but Hesperus could have been Hesperus;

The following propositions demonstrate how a priori works in the actual world and how it doesn’t work in the possible world scenario. First, if ‘Hesperus = Hesperus’, H=H is a true statement because Hesperus is identical to itself, thus necessarily a priori. If O designates the same object in all possible worlds, but P designates […]

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Philosophy the two. Notably is Solomon championing

Philosophy and religion has captured interest of many philosophers in the past generation until now. These two subjects (Philosophy and Religion) have received many attentions from different philosophers trying to understand the difference between the two. Notably is Solomon championing religion through his works from Ecclesiastes, songs of Solomon and proverbs. At the end of […]

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History or for morality but to increase self-pleasure

History of Pyscological EgoismEpicureanism highly claims that we all humans survive to maximize our own pleasure.Ancient Greek philoshopher Epicurus , humanity performs altruistic,selfless or honorable act not for sake of another or for morality but to increase self-pleasure .There is a famous example for this theory.Ex-If Jay helps Shivansh from a accident ,Egoists would tell […]

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Beatrix Philosophers, mathematicians, and other ancient modern

Beatrix Joy M. Evardome12 – STEM BThe Idea of Reality”Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ” – Albert EinsteinDid you ever thought what composes the universe or reality? Philosophers, mathematicians, and other ancient modern thinkers have made thoughts corresponding to reality which cannot even be rationally thought but still in today’s […]

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Platonic philosophical doctrine based on the acceptance of

Platonic anamnesis – A reminder of the feelings that the soul would have known in an earlier existence. The soul is immortalFor Plato, only rational and scientific thinking allows the soul to completely escape bodily bonds.Menon – The theory is illustrated by Socrates, who asks a slave on geometry. At first he gives the wrong […]

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