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Personally, being a student-athlete in middle school who is very involved in school isn’t the easiest task that I’ve put upon myself. Even if I wasn’t doing to well in school, I would probably not have the opportunity to play sports and be as involved. Imagine being a not so great student in high school who gets bad grades, and instead of being banned from extracurricular activities, there was a policy stating that you must get your grades up before getting your driver’s license. A policy like this is already set in place for certain states and many different teachers and advisors think that it is a good policy while others think the opposite. I mainly agree with those who are against this policy because the purpose of the students getting good grades would be wrong. Another reason is that, I strongly feel that it is not the legislators place. Lastly, a students’ grades has no association with their ability to drive. The policy of teenagers being required to maintain a C average in school before receiving a driver’s license shouldn’t become criteria.

If this policy was ever passed, students would be getting good grades for the wrong reason. Certain teens who don’t usually do well in school, will be doing it mainly for a driver licenses. Instead of doing it for their own good in the future, they would focus on getting good grades for their driving privileges. According to the article ‘No pass, No drive’ Laws: Popular But Not Proven , “No kid wants to get stuck at home. If they have a job, they don’t want to depend on someone else to pick them up and drop them off.

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” This is an example of students only getting good grades so that this wouldn’t happen to them. The policy is also practically bribing students with an incentive instead of encouraging them so their future would be brighter. This could cause the students who move on after high school to expect to get an “reward” for getting good grades. It would be hard for them to do simple things because after accomplishing them they would expect to get some kind of material back. This would be all because the policy of maintaining a C average in school before driving was set in place by the legislators.I think that it shouldn’t be the legislators place to decide whether or not to take away a students privilege to drive based on their academic performances in school.

It’s parents choice if they want to let their own child have their driver’s license or not. This would basically be like taking away their freedom, parents are free to raise their children however they want. Having this policy will prevent parents from having a say in their kids’ driving privileges when raising their children. Certain parents may want their children to have a license, while others may not want them to have a license even if their grades are good. For example, a parent may be too busy and they would ask their children to run an errand for them but their grades would not fit the criteria for getting a driver’s’ license. This means that the teen would not be able to help their parents because of the policy against teens getting their license with bad grades. A situation like this is an example of one reason why the policy is not a very good idea.

Each parent should have the right to make the decision, not the legislators. Many people supporting the policy may say that good grades would lead to better drivers on the road. They also may say that if the student is truly working to get better grades, then they are getting smarter and when ready to drive they will make smarter decisions. However in an article from it states “..

.maintaining good grades does indicate responsibility, the ability to drive safely requires a completely different responsibility.” This means that getting good grades could be totally different and may not be connected to someone’s ability to drive responsibly. Also it’s somewhat similar to how people say there are two different kinds of “smart” being book smart or street smart. Just like getting good grades and driving responsibly, they can be seen to be connected in someway when in reality they are both very different. In the same article from it is stated that “.

..classroom responsibility and classroom responsibility are not interrelated, there is no point in requiring teenagers to maintain a “C” average before receiving a driver’s licence.

” It is explaining that there is a difference between the duties in a classroom and on the road. For example usually responsibilities in the class are things like time management and intelligence, while on the road they are mainly following rules and avoiding distractions. Lawmakers deciding to make a policy, that students must maintain a C average in order to receive a driver’s license is absurd. If a law like this were to be passed, students would be trying to get good grades for the wrong reason. They should be getting good grades, not for their opportunity of earning a driver’s license, but for a better career future. Also, it isn’t the legislators place to decide that only students with good grades get their driver’s license. Lastly, the intelligence level or grades and driving skills don’t have anything to do with one another. In my opinion, a policy like so could possibly affect a students’ future in a negative way, so they should give up the policy before spreading the misguided idea of success for students.


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