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Personality is a combination of an individual’s thoughts, feelings as well as behavioural pattern. It defines an individual and how that certain individual interacts with the world. Every individual has a unique personality that differentiates one from another. As for values, it is similar to stable life goals that people have, reflecting what is most important to them. The values that an individual have affects the decisions an individual make as well as how they perceive the environment and how they behave. An individual’s personality and values are first shaped through a person’s early life experiences, including one’s own successes and failures that he or she had experienced, the upbringing the person had received during early years as well as the attention he or she got those early years which includes how that person was treated by others which includes children on his or her own age, and the kind of personality and the values that he or she acquired tends to stay stable over time. This being said, change and evolution of one’s personality and values can still occur depending on new life experiences one might have. People who had any traumatic experiences or even life-changing events can experience significant personality changes. Even the kind of social role one takes on can change a personality.
As an example, having been in the unit I belong for many years I can say that my personality and values have been developed. As a new employee I learned to adopt things from being a student to be an employee of this organization. At first, I learned on how to be a simple employee that follows and performs simple instructions and tasks given to me. But this simple instruction teaches me how to develop more my personality and performs more tasks.
For me, as time passes my personality and values was develop by doing the tasks given to me even though its beyond my duties and responsibilities at that time and I’m doing the tasks because I believe that my supervisor will not designate it to me if I can’t perform it and no other employee can do the job correctly based on given format except me. Until such time that the tasks I performed was already a part of my duties and responsibilities. And I learned to give importance to the values of my current job, co-employees, and even myself because in the end I know that there is a positive effect on the workplace I belong because I did my job precisely.


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