Personality our capacity, and to understand our environment

Personality development is a lifelong process, a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, and to set their goals in life in order to realise and maximize their potential. What was said is that early life and personality development within the family, at school, etc.

can really help to shape us as an adult, and personality development should not stop later in life. I learned that every individual is not just an individual. Everyone should be independent, self-directed, and more effective, and it’s a continuous process of self-improvement which helps us to improve our performance in everything that we do, develop our skills and talents, and also a personality that can make a person a unique and exceptional individual.Every person differs in personality and even some has better personality than others, but that doesn’t mean that it lessen us as a person. Personality development taught us the stable differences of people in different characteristics like social, emotional, physiological, etc. We can still expand our options and choices of our lives, because personality development doesn’t just stop at any moment.

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It was also been said that personality can also be shaped through environment, parenting styles, learning in school, and other factors that can help us to develop.What I can only say is that, this subject, Personality Development, is a structured and supported process tackled by an individual who reflected about their own learning, experiences, achievements, and even failures, and to plan for their development in every factor. I learned that we all need to improve our skills and management in everything, and to encourage positive attitude throughout our lives.

The goal and objective of this subject is to improve our capacity, and to understand our environment and even ourselves, and to take responsibility in our own choices and decisions in life.I, as a student, should keep growing and never stop to discover things that can help me to build a strong personality, as it will be a way to my success, someday. I’ve learned so much from this subject, and if I would mention every single thing that I like about here, it would take me days to mention them all.

But there is one thing that I really took with me as a life lesson, in everything that we do, in a world and society like this, we should never forget to be happy, because our happiness makes us stronger and our happiness defines our true and unique personality.


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