personal results displayed. 0041 From the EMG analysis,

personalcloud for each user to store measurements giving API for easy access. Thechannel status includes the time duration of the created data, Latest updatesand the last entry done as depicted in FIG 7, where the EMG and FHR data aresinked to the ThingSpeak channel. The channel view can be shared with theFamily members and Medical Services for knowing the status of the patient. In theMATLAB Analysis, the Feature extraction algorithm for EMG Analysis, Levelcrossing Rate code for contraction estimation and the Fetal Heart rate code isbeing programmed which gives the final results displayed.0041From theEMG analysis, Peak Frequency and Median Frequency shows higher values for TermDelivery. Sample Entropy,  RMS , andMaximal Lyapunov Exponent shows higher values for Preterm Delivery. TheseFeatures indicate the symptoms of Preterm Labor and Term Labor.

The averagenumber of  uterine contractions areestimated from the Level Crossing Rate by fixing thresholds.0042FECGSignal is visualized from a ThingSpeak channel using MATLAB visualizations.FECG is extracted from the maternal abdominal ECG signal where, Fetal Rpeaks  are  detected. Using this RR interval , the Fetalheart rate (FHR) is  calculated .0043 The  Uterine contractions and the Fetal Heart Rateplots of the ThingSpeak channel  can beeasily viewed in the Mobile Application (FIG 8). This APP helps the Family membersto monitor the pregnant women’s health condition and alerts them if the Laborprogress deviates so that medical attention can be provided at the right timethereby reducing risks and complications in pregnancy.

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0044The present invention described herein will be helpful for the pregnant womento care more about what’s happening to their bodies in respectto how it affects their baby and it should be limited only by the claimsincluded :1.The apparatus comprises of a wearable patch of claim 1whichcould measure the vital signs required for monitoring the maternal and fetal’shealth status non-invasively.  2.The patch of claim 1 is attached on the abdomen of thematernal women with disposable with EMG and FECG electrodes.3.The method of claim 4 ,wherein uterine EMG signals arerequired to capture data from the patients to measure the Uterine Contractions,as it reflects the Uterine contractile activity by measuring the bursts ofaction potential spikes, which provides information during the Pregnancy andLabor.

 4. Themethod of claim 41, wherein from the EMG analysis, Features are extracted whichindicates the symptoms of Preterm Labor and Term Labor.5. The method of claim 26, wherein the average number ofuterine contractions are estimated from the Level Crossing Rate by fixingthresholds such as  1500 for a Strongcontraction and 1000 for a weak contraction.6. The method of claim 31, further comprises of the FetalHeart Rate calculation by Fetal Electrocardiogram (FECG) , obtained from thematernal abdomen is used for monitoring Fetal Health Development where the FECGis extracted and Fetal Heart Rate is calculated.

Hence the normal FHR SafetyMargin is : 100(bpm) < FHR(bpm) < 160(bpm).7. The patch of claim 1, comprises of capturing two vital signsto help the pregnant women monitor her health status using EMG records andmonitoring  Fetal Heart Rate for checkingthe well-being status of the fetal .8. The method of claim 40, wherein the EMG and FHR data aresent wirelessly to the analytic IoT platform 'ThingSpeak', where the featureextraction is done and the safety limits are provided for each case.

9. The method of claim 43, wherein the final decisions   from the analyzed parameters are intimatedto the end user by a Mobile App with the live visualization plots denoting thepregnant women and the Fetal health condition and alerts them with a message . 


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