Personal I have been member of JRC

Personal History Statement
I take immense pleasure to introduce myself as J. Jaya Suriya and I will try give vivid account on myself via this statement.

About my family, my father Mr.Jayaraman who is an agriculturist, my mother Mrs .J. Selvi, is a home maker and my younger brother J.Jayaprakash is currently pursing 10th standard. I completed my schooling at Sowdambika Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Park Street, one of the best schools in Thuraiyur. I joined the institution in 2015 and had passed out from the institution in 2017 with 70%. By God’s grace I had many laurels in both academics and extracurricular.

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During my schooling I have been member of JRC in the school and have organised many events to raise funds for poor and needy. Due to my active participation, I received appreciation and accolades from my parents, teachers and friends, whereI had a chance to contribute to my school life. And also took part in many projects related to science and I achieved distinction. I have also taken part in discussion seminar of behaviour and attitude of healthy person and have made many posters related to science where I won prices. In person, I have been able to develop in the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life and this is what the motto of my school was about.

I have been interested in medicine since childhood. This curiosity began, when I was fascinated by my maternal uncle who is a doctor. A career in medicine empowers to help people, to be respected by others and to feel job satisfaction which are I admired by him through his accomplishments which lingers in my heart like an undying flame. In addition to that, the complexity of the human body and the functions it carries out. The aspects which fascinate me most about medicine are being able to help and care for people whilst understanding the sophisticated processes which happen within the human body. Besides my interest in medicine, I have strong interests for travelling, I love to see different countries throughout the world, and most importantly in order to learn more about different cultures and to meet different people.

In order to be a successful doctor, one must be caring, dedicated and inquisitive in this field as well as a whole rounded person. I believe these are some of the qualities I possess and I am certain that by studying medicine I can accomplish my dreams and make a contribution to the society I live in. Ibelieve that diligence,commitmentandpositiveattitude is the source of reaching greater heightswhich would fulfil my prospects in life.


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