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Person Centred Practice
– Explain Person Centred Practice
Person Centred Practice is exactly what it says “Person Centred”, it’s a form of practice that initiates service users taking control of their own lives where reasonably practicable and comes away from other professional’s making decisions about their lives for them. When planning a person centred approach the service user, their family or support service or even all play a part in the care and support of that person and make it a priority that the needs of the service users are on tracks at all times.

Person Centred Practice can not only be used for service users to take control of their own lives regarding care and support but they can also play a fantastic role in the way in which services operate.

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There are many things that go into person centred practice, they include:
Respecting service user’s values and beliefs and ensuring the care they receive is at the centre of everything we do.

Making sure that peoples likes and dislikes are adhered to and respected in order to meet there needs.

It’s important that we are ensuring that people are safe.

It’s important that we are providing emotional support and being inclusive of family and peers.

Ensuring that people have access to all relevant care services they need.

We need to ensure people we support have access to all information using their own methods of communication, an example of this would be using an easy read format.

– Critically Review Approaches to Person Centred Planning.

There are many ways to being person centred, in my opinion this is my review of the approaches I have used in the past.
It’s very important that first and foremost the person is at the epicentre of the care and support planning and is involved in all of the decision making process. We ensure that the people we support have a keyworker chosen by them, this is usually someone who they really trust and have a good bond with that will support them to ensure they are on track with all goals, dreams & aspirations and ensure they are supported by all involved. The keyworker regularly meets with the service user and holds meeting where by they discuss strengths, goals, dreams and aspirations, the meeting is held using a communication method that is suited to the service users. The people that we support all have communication passports. It important that these meeting are fully documented and the service user is fully included. When planning with service users it’s so important that they are supported to do as much for themselves as practicably possible, being in the caring industry we are in support workers often feel that the more they do the better job they are doing, as a manager and mentor I ensure that our staff team are maintaining or enhancing peoples skills rather than de-skill them, this is often a common mistake along with talking or treating an adult service user like a child. Due to the complex needs of the people we support they are very vulnerable, people supporting those service users can think that as they are so complex and vulnerable that they cannot make decisions and unknowingly the staff then end up making decisions for them and taking “control”. There have been innocent incidents like where by staff have made basic decisions for service users due to thinking they couldn’t make their own, as a registered service manager it is important I recognise when this is happening and address matters in order to empower the people we support with their decision making process.

We support many people with very limited communication, we have communication passports in place for each service user but quite often the people we support communicate through Makaton or objects of reference, through their own communication methods they are able to express when they are happy with an option or choice that has been offered to them, or if they have chosen to do something themselves they are able to express whether they wish to continue with it all this at all. It’s important that each response the service users gives is documented and that its discussed with myself during bi-monthly keyworker meetings, I am able to then give advice and guidance and discuss whether the support provided is person centred and empowering to the service user.


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