Person with anxiety and depression. MT’s was

Person centred practice can result in positive change in the support individuals lives.At Sorelle support we pride our reputation from the support we provide on being a goal focused support provider and meeting our supported people’s goals and supporting them to achieve.

Over the 4 and a half years Sorelle has been providing support working alongside the local authority, as an organisation we have supplied support and encouragement to enable our supported people to gain independence which has resulted in less support being needed. We previously supported a gentleman MT who suffers from mental health issues, MT suffers with anxiety and depression. MT’s was provided with a PCP to support him with his needs. After supporting MT for one year, MT’s low moods had decreased; he cleared his flat and made a huge step in the right direction of arranging a new mortgage and to move out of his home that he lived in for many years and move closer to his parents.

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MT with the support and encouragement from his support team was able to complete daily tasks independently and gained a high amount of confidence to make the big change to his life that he did. MT now does not receive support as this is no longer needed as his mental health and well being is good and he is living a much happier life. At every 6 month at a support review, new goals are set to achieve with their support workers. Working towards goals and person centred planning enables our supported people to gain independence, learn new skills and overcome any barriers that they may struggle with.


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