PERCY the kids and a good book for

-Rick Riordan
It is a easy book to read and it can also be read by the kids and a good book for the Myth buffs. The way that the things explained in this book make it interesting. This book is all about the Greek gods. This book is a wonderful book to explain the Greek Mythology to upper elementary and lower middle grade readers. It is an appropriate book for the readers above age ten. And it tells about the Greek believes and thoughts and all their stuffs. Basically it is a collection of short stories about Greek mythology as narrated by Percy Jackson.

Rick Riordan is the author and this is Fiction type of book and it was published by Disney-Hyperion and it was published in august 19, 2014 and the total amount of pages is 336. The story is all about knowing hoe the world explored according to the Greek thoughts in a chapter entitled “The Beginning and Stuff” and the way titans appear and the Olympians and battle of dominance. Then the chapters of 12 major gods of Greek myth. Percy go by birth order of the gods. In each chapter he starts from the origin of the god and the things that they named for and the way they interacted with the mortal and the way they looked for love.

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In this Percy explains from the Apollo to Zeus that’s why people love this book and it’s the reason for why people search for this book in library and stores. The language that this book published was English. Its is a modern day demigod tells the origin stories of god of Olympus and provides an insider point of view with plenty of attitude. The way Percy explains the thing make it more interesting. And this book contains many contents and that’s the way its arranged in the book
This books contains chapters like beginning and stuff, golden age of cannibalism, Olympians bash some heads, Hestia chooses bachelor number zero, Demeter turns into Grainzilla, Persephone marries her stalker, Hera gets a little cuckoo, hades does home improvement, Poseidon gets salty, Zeus kills everyone, Athena adopt a handkerchief, you gotta love Aphrodite, Ares, the manly man’s manly man, Hephaestus makes me a golden llama, Apollo sings and dances and shoots people, Artemis unleashes the death pig, Hermes goes to juvie, Dionysus conquers the word with a refreshing beverage.

This is the best book that can solve the thirst of greek mythology addicts and this can also used to make our kids to get involved in mythology and to make their interest towards reading. This can be the step to make the people start read who never read a book till date. Its not that everyone may like this only few people will love this because only few people will like mythology. And this book is the one that must be read.


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