Perception can be defined as our recognition and

Perception can be defined as our recognition and understanding of information and make it into a bit expressive and significant and behind the perception, there is a consciousness. For example, before feeding microwaved food to baby parents check its temperature and use sensory information to make sure that it is not dangerous for a baby.
Nothing from outside, I would like to share my sister’s experience. There was a peer group of five employee’s working for the same employer, and it was an appraisal time and out of those five friends, one got promoted to senior post all of them were happy aspect his best friend. All thought that he was feeling jealousy as he was not that much involved into enjoyment so all started talking about him sarcastically and some of them started giving him advice that one should be always happy with other’s happiness and in her sadness she left to home after some time. For next few days, she didn’t came to office and later her friends try to dig out the problem and then they came to know that when her friend was promoted her brother met with an accident and was in a serious condition. Despite, all this he was with his friend. So his friends learned that before perceiving anything one should check the reality behind any act.
Today all company have perceived organizational support so that every employee is clear regarding his task.


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