perceived perceived to be of high effectiveness when

perceived usefulness is also known as performance expectancy (Venkatesh, 2003; Morris, 2003;Davis, 2003), this was based on the expectancy theory that mocks-up the function of belief in decision making (Porter and Lawler, 1968; Robey, 1979; Vroom, 1964). Toexplain that, an innovation is perceived to be of high effectiveness when a particularadopter believes that there is a direct relationship between use, on one hand, andperformance, productivity, effectiveness and satisfaction, on the other (Lu andYu, 2003). Although many mobile services are leisure related, services such as new, stock changes or banking can also stimulate how a user performs a task. In addition, ?characteristis that are inherent to mobile services, such as their personalized and ubiquitous nature,their portability, and their context awareness potential are likely to contribute perceived usefulness of mobile services in ways that have not seen before? (Rao andTroshani, 2007).

Aderonke and Charles (2010) mentioned that ?people tend to use anapplication to the extent they believe it will aid their performance?. Amin et al.,(2008) stated thatperceived usefulness is strongly correlated with productivity.

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It suggests that usingcomputer in the workplace would improve job performance, increase user’s productivity, enhance job effectiveness and be valuable in the job. Cheong and Park (2005) found thatthere exists a positive causality between perceived usefulness and online purchaseintentions. Laurn and Lin (2005) also stated that perceived usefulness has significanteffect in the development of initial readiness to use mobile banking.

These studies provethe significant effect of perceived usefulness in individual reactions to informationtechnology. Hence, it is quite expected that the reason why people use mobile banking isbecause they find it useful. On these bases, the following hypothesis is proposed:


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