People’s freedom and rights. Political injustice causes negative

People’s political perspectives and actions impact individual’s lives and the society. In the dystopian film ‘V for Vendetta’, the director James McTeigue highlights a world that is ravaged by nuclear war and the corruption of Britain’s totalitarian Government. The Norsefire government exercises absolute and centralized control over society and individual’s beliefs through the annihilation of values that is different to theirs. The government’s misuse of authority and power supresses individual freedom and rights.

Ultimately resulting the rebellion against authority to reattain freedom and rights. Political injustice causes negative impacts on individual’s lives.Anarchy results from the abuse of power driven by demoralized political perspectives. The film ‘V for Vendetta’ showcases the consequences of the misuse of power and authority to society. In the society of ‘V for Vendetta’ the government has absolute power over their people. Chancellor Sutler’s power is displayed through the low shot where he addresses the nation. This low angle shot places Sulter in a superior position as he is towering over the public.

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This places the audience in the position of the public who is looking up at Sutler, allowing them to sympathise for the people of that society. As seen in the multiple panning shots, Chancellor Sutler abuses his power as he sends the ‘undesirables’ of society to Larkhill concentration camp, where they are used against their will as experimental subjects for scientific discoveries. The misuse of power is further displayed through irony in the beginning scene where the fingermen tries to assault Evey. It is ironic as the fingermen are depicted by their government as police who are supposed to be helping and protecting the community are contradicted as they are seen taking advantage of Evey. The idea of surveillance is used through the film as a disciplinary tool as all conversations of the public are monitored by agents of the government. By this the government instils fear into individuals for discipline and control. However, this is morally incorrect as it breaches the right of privacy.

The violation of political actions causes individuals to lose their rights and freedom. The abuse of power and enforcement of corrupt policies will eventually lead to the rebellion against authority to regain individual freedom. V for Vendetta is a film which promotes freedom of the individual especially the freedom of choice and ideologies.

The antagonist V, is a symbol of freedom and individuality, as throughout the film his unique appearance and persona is contrasted to the lifestyle of ordinary citizens highlighting the importance of individuality. It is also seen that V wears a Guy Fawkes mask, the mask is symbolic of the element of anonymity as anyone who wears the mask can embody the spirt of rebellion. Evidently seen in the scene where citizens of London march fearlessly through military forces, all disguised as V, to oppose the unjust government and their political actions. In this scene all the individuals are transformed by the masks from flawed people to more powerful beings who can create movements.

This scene is also incorporated with the fall of the dominoes which foreshadows the fall of the totalitarian Government. By the assemblage of people aiming for a common goal even corrupt governments can be demolished. In conclusion, ‘V for Vendetta’ presents the consequences of unethical political actions and the impacts these actions these have on individual lives and their responses. The audience learns of the consequences of immoral political actions and therefore recognises and acknowledges the demand of rebellion for rights and individual freedom.


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