People personal interests in others. Throughout time

People shouldn’t prejudice against other people just because they are different. For us all to get along a lot of selflessness is needed.

To get along we need to have empathy for all people and know it is wrong to segregate others. Respect one another and treat them the way you want to be treated. People should like you for your identity and not hate you for your color, race, sexuality, ethnicity, gender, or religion. In the song “One” by Bono from U2, it talks about coming together as one. This song is saying that we are all one in the same nation, but we have individual choices, beliefs, cultures, and different personalities. The song is also saying that we don’t have to get along, but we should get along in order to survive in this world. This song is a representation of getting along with others.

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Often in society human behavior is defined by the qualities that are exposed by each individual. It is obvious that amongst these qualities, human behavior is most influenced by typical stereotypes, common age differences, and peoples’ personal interests in others. Throughout time citizens are often criticized based on their gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, profession, disabilities, weight, and other things showing the stereotypical behavior of humans. To get along one must stop discriminating others and understand that each individual is different. An effort should be made to at least try to understand other peoples’ points of view. “Not everyone thinks the way…


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