People struggle to establish herself as a literary

People need to know that AQuiet Passion is a drama based on the life of Emily Dickinson. The movieexamines Dickinson’s day to day life and her struggle to establish herself as aliterary voice at a time when women were mostly silenced.The characters in A Quiet Passion argue, some die, andthere is a lot of intense mourning. The language of a Quiet passion is overly formal.            Aquiet Passion takes place in the 19th century. Emily Dickinsonstruggles against 19th century social standards. Those Standardsmade it unusual for a woman to be recognized for her writing. The movie revealsDickinson’s fierce determination to express her self on the page.

Emily wouldend up as a lonely person who yearned to connect with people. Main charactersincluded Emily Dickinson, Lavinia Dickinson, Edward Dickinson, Austin Dickinson,& Vryling Buffam.            CynthiaNixon Plays Emily Dickinson showcasing her sharp wit, perseverance and fierceindependence.

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Her choices led to a life of solitary introspection, FatherEdward played by Keith Carradine portrays solemnity and a touch of wryness. Heis a lawyer with liberal proclivities and possessed dome religious skepticism.I think they both did a great job acting and were by far the best in the movie.

            A QuietPassion was a story that was beautifully filmed. The language was stiff, and I feellike modern audiences would not appeal to it. There’s no special effects topump my emotional well. So, it may be challenging to watch for people my age.            Amajor lesson learned in A Quiet Passion is follow your dreams, you are your biggestsupporter. Other people will learn to follow their passion of what they love.Females might learn to be strong and act strong and never let anyone diminishtheir power.            Parentswould love this movie.

I recommend this movie to parents, young viewers mightfid it challenging to watch because of its somber quality


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