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People always say that equality and freedom is what we really need. They say that the answer to the majority of the nation’s problems is democracy. In this kind of government, people are given enough freedom to voice out their opinions. But, do we really need these complicated democratic laws to attain peace and order in our country?
Benito Mussolini once said, “Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice, it is a fallacy.” Democracy gives us the right to choose who we want to lead our country. It gives us the right to state our opinions freely, as stated in Article lll, Section IV of the 1987 Constitution, “No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression of the press, or the right of the people.” The downside of democracy is that it focuses on empowering people instead of focusing on developing the country in all aspects. It gives so much freedom to the people that leads to non-compliance with the laws and lack of discipline. We have power and rights, but the question is, do we use it right and wisely?
Let’s go back to what I call the golden era of the Philippines. During the regime of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr., our country was at its very best. The Philippines ranked as the 2nd richest and developed country in Asia, next to Japan. Marcos built bridges, hospitals, expressways, schools, and power plants to help Filipinos. I acknowledge the fact that Marcos indeed committed some terrible deeds during his regime but these bad deeds are overshadowed by the long list of his accomplishments that we, as Filipinos who are now enjoying the fruit of his intelligence, should be grateful for. Our focus has been on the abuses during Marcos’ 21 years in power. Because of this, we lost a great leader who made the Philippines become one of the most developed country in Asia .This is a good example of how we see dictatorship. We focus on the bad effects, ignoring the progress it can bring to our country. Look at North Korea and Russia. In case you’re wondering, the reason why they are continuously progressing and developing is because their people accepted that democracy is not for their country. They embraced dictatorship because they optimistically believe that it suits their country. Dictatorship made their countries disciplined.
The Philippines has been a democratic country for so long, yet nothing has changed. Our country is still a third-world one that has a poor and weak economy. It is proven that democracy doesn’t fit in our country. Democracy is not for us. I’m sorry to say this but democracy will never work in a country with a high rate of uneducated people. Politicians take this as an opportunity to fool people. Only if we accept dictatorship, we can have one great leader who can make the Philippines great again, just like what it was during Marcos’ regime. We don’t need complicated democratic laws to regain peace and order, instead we need just one leader who can make our country disciplined and organized.
Therefore, I conclude that democracy is not the best form of government for the Philippines. If the only way to attain peace is through an authoritarian form of government, then I support dictatorship.


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