Socrates finds himself in this

pending execution of Socrates. Socrates finds himself in this position due to his lack of pity toward others, as well as corrupting the youth. He was judged to have impiety, the matter of questioning and possibly disbelieving in the traditional gods.

He was also charged with corrupting the youth and teaching them to believe as he did. While in prison he is visited by an old friend named Crito, who has made preparations to aid Socrates in an escape. Socrates conveys an impression of readily awaiting his execution, so Crito presents multiple arguments to convince him to escape. This introduces the initial argument-should Socrates attempt to escape or not? The question is whether or not it would be moral for Socrates to attempt an escape.

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If it is, he will go with Crito; if it is not, he will remain in prison and face death.


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