Patricia Sept 18 Visions Alexander Hamilton and Thomas

Patricia BlaugherDan Johnson
History C 170
16 Sept 18
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson had different visions of what direction they wanted the country to be driven towards. Between these two people leading the American people both from different parties Federalist and Democratic. Alexander Hamilton was also very creative in coming up with solutions to relieve the country of this debt. And on the other hand, Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton who was a federalist, believed that a strong federal government could solve the country’s large national debt. Started at a young age, he knew the value of a dollar by being an accountant St. Croix plantation in the West Indies. Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist who believed in restoring the people’s faith in the government. Hamilton believed the central government should rule over the people and the wealthy should use their money to build the economy by investing in stocks and bonds. Alexander believed the wealthy should have a say in what the government does because it is their money that keeps the banks open and the economy growing. Hamilton believed, establishing the First Bank of the United States in would resolve the debt left after the Revolution. He also served in the American army under George Washington. Hamilton also had established good relations with the British which resulted in foreign trade. Hamilton created a system tariffs which was believed to help relieve national and state debts. He then became the leader of the federalist party. Alexander Hamilton had many accomplishments in his life as a result of many various factors. But the most important trait that Hamilton possessed was his ambition. He advocated for what is called “protective tariffs” which raised the cost of importing goods into the United States, thus making it more possible for infant U.S. manufacturing businesses to develop. Further, as Treasury Secretary he did what he could to bind the states together with programs and told countrymen to not think of themselves as statesmen but as countrymen. Many believe that without his work on American Capitalism which resulted in the country having the highest quality of living in the world, that the United States might not have been the super power it was in the 19th century. Alexander Hamilton remains to be one of America’s most important people. Not only was he the first secretary of the treasury of the United States, he also was one of America’s founding fathers.

Thomas Jefferson was a Democratic-Republican, believed that a strong state government and believe that the federal government should be small. Started at a young adult, he knew the law by being an lawyer and was a member of colonial Viriginia House of Burgesses. Jefferson believed that a strong federal government might lead to a monarchy if no separate of power. Americans to cut ties from Britain and form their own nation and opposed the Fedalist views. He believed that farmers or yeomen who raised crops on their own land were the key to a successful American republic. He believed in the “majority rule” and thought that the American farmer was more trusted than the elite business owning rich man. Jefferson did not agree with Hamilton’s plan of establishing the first bank of America and argued the creating of the bank was an “implied power” in regards to Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution, which allowed legislations to pass whom Congress deemed as “necessary and proper”. Jefferson did not agree with the government being the central governing power without the influence of the people’s rights.  Thomas Jefferson followed the Enlightenment philosophy which a was a movement that believed in human rights – this belief lead to his creation of the Declaration of Independence and he allowed the Sedition Act to expire during his presidency. Jefferson wanted to limit the government because of how the British Parliament treated the colonists before the revolution
Today I see a combination of Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton in our schools, businesses and in our society. I believe that both Presidents beliefs have given contribution to building this country. We are blindly led by the wealthy and most elite behind closed doors deciding what loans we are allowed to have and how much money. Looking at the philosophies of today, while most people think that Hamilton’s ideals play the biggest role, I believe that they each have their part and might even be more equal than most might think. While the country is divided right now, many on the right believe that the education should be run by the state with minimal national involvement, on the other side of the coin, the left leaning politicians believe that religion has no place in the political arena. Therefore, Thomas Jefferson does play on both sides of the table and his ideals are very relevant today. Alexander Hamilton’s ideals are as well. The United States is the larger superpower in the world now, even though it looks like China is catching up. In a sense, the difference between Hamilton and Jefferson was in how they defined “freedom.”  Jefferson saw freedom more in individual terms, but Hamilton was looking at the nation as a whole. He argued to be independent in the broader world — free from coercion and bullying — we needed to have a strong military and a strong modern economy.  His admiration for British society was in large part because he recognized that they were the strongest power in the world at this time, and he wanted to emulate them and make the U.S. a strong power as well.

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