Patient health services. The fact that the number

Patient knowledge – Computers allow patients to grasp a visual perspective on their health. Radiographs, x-rays, and several other visual representations could aid in patient knowledge of their own health. These systems create a more advanced way of recording, analysing, and understanding a patient’s situation.Patient accessibility – Through the use of computers in healthcare, patients are able to be more pro-active in their lifestyle choices. Using applications to track their daily activities and improve healthy decisions, computers help patients navigate their lives in a beneficial manner.

The internet – The availability of the Internet has brought significant changes to health services. The fact that the number of elderly people are rising is beginning to put pressure on health services. With internet access available to everyone and the advent of wireless technologies, advanced tele homecare is a possibility for a large proportion of the population. New developments, such as network technologies that connect sensors and input devices in the patient home to a home health care provider made home care for even gravely ill patients a possibility.

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