Part1. by day. There are many organizations and

Part1. How can you systematically analyse a country with regard to the negative aspects of culture such as; racism, sexism and so on. The world is growing so faster with growing economies, technological advancements, and high quality education systems and so on. However, there are still certain aspects of barbaric attitudes are still exists in the world and crime rate on racism, religious beliefs, sexism etc. are growing day by day. There are many organizations and Govt authorities are trying to eradicate this barbaric attitude of their own citizens on wide range of these discriminations, but often their efforts are futile due to when their citizens repeatedly committing this crime with known consequences and full awareness. The main reason behind the rise of postmodern revolution of France during the 1968 was mainly associated with the failures of modern philosophy & science, social science, liberalism etc.

, thus resulted for War, intolerance and Poverty. In general, when we look around the world we could see prejudice in wide range, the major refugee problems created in Middle East due to the influence of ISIS that leads to killing humans because of barbaric religious beliefs. Many European country politicians are gaining positive images by saying against immigrants from other nations and by supporting their own citizens. During the year 2014 the FBI reported approximately six thousand hate crimes across United States, this covers 48.5% of crimes because of racism, 17.4% is religious related and 20.8% is due to sexual oriented (Baldwin, 2017). Theoretical analysis Over the years there are many theories have been brought forward by researchers on human behaviors in socio cultural environment, the best known theory for that is ”Social Conflict Theory”.

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The social conflict theorem is based on Marxist social theory, this theory explains that society interacts with conflicts and not with consensus. Under this theory the society means number of groups which are in-equal, and results to consistent conflicts and changes. The more powerful group exploits the powerless groups and retains their power, with that they always try to attain more non-material & material resources. This simply explains the social trends that prevails in the every society like; racism, homophobia, sexism etc.

, this theorem also predict changes. The main example for that change is the 1960 civil war in America (political protests against racism) and this change enabled the nations to progress substantially towards equality, however racism is still exists in American societies (Crossman, 2017). Case study and its analysisThe case study for discussion in relation with the above social conflict theoretical frame work is ”American civil war, how does this conflicts create a change in reducing the in-equality of American society”. Because the theorem says that the power of social groups is vested in the hands of strongest groups, thereby they exploit the low power groups. But the American civil war brought a new change in American social system by offering equal benefits to everyone, prior to the civil war the governing power was in the hands of white Americans and due to this civil the governing power were shared with all the ethnic groups.

Theoretical improvementIn general, we can say that social conflict theory is not existed in the most part of the world, but the theory itself is a barbarian thinking. But as we look around the world, there are certain extremist groups still uses that kind of concepts in different parts of the world, today we call them as terrorists. Because the Governments or the rulers of that particular country cannot control them in certain extent. ReferencesBaldwin, J. (2017).

Culture, Prejudice, Racism and Discrimination.

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