PART B: QUESTION 3INTRODUCTIONThere are events that confront teachers and scholars in an educational environment such as social, wellness and economic conditions which impact on the life of learners and contribute to their ability to read in a proper fashion. Yet the focus of this essay will be on the economic circumstances such as poverty which is the minor problem in teaching and learning. THESIS STATEMENTIn this essay, I will speak about how poverty affects learner’s performance at school and how it affects their ability to read. In the first section, I will provide an issue that confronts learner and teacher and how it may bring impact in teaching and learning.

In part two I will talk about how two philosophical perspectives Postmodernism and Critical Theory approach the matter and overcome it as a barrier to learning. WHAT IS POVERTY?Poverty is a condition whereby individuals receive small or no money to satisfy the basic needs such as food, shelter, and apparel. It can as well be referred to many things such as being sick and not having money to go the doctor, lack of resources in order for children to go to school, lack of taking part in society because you have nothing to contribute. It is an event that revolves around societies as a whole.THE IMPACT OF POVERTY IN TEACHINGLearners who live in poverty may not have access to resources that they can use in order for them to advance their learning. It is vital for teachers to change their methods/instructions on teaching to accommodate learners living in poverty.

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School and teachers can experience an impact on academic accomplishment and success of all learners as they see them as a promise rather than at risk so that they can consider further steps. In addition, teachers should be responsible for getting that learners who survive in poverty motivated and patient to determine.THE IMPACT OF POVERTY IN LEARNINGPoverty brings challenges and day-to-day struggles to learners which impact their ability to learn. Learners who grew up in poverty always struggle to sustain access to resources that are necessary for daily survival such as food, shelter, and clothes. Learners living in poverty sometimes go and exit the school without food. Nevertheless, learners who lack the necessities to survive impact their ability and contribute to social, emotional and behavioral troubles.THE APPROACH OF POSTMODERNISMThe focus of Postmodernism is based on the arts, architecture, technology, and literature since, well it has no precise meaning.

There are more issues that postmodernism focuses on, for example, the movies, shopping mall and other activities, however, the focus here is based on the shopping mall as opposed to poverty. The individuals often move to the shopping mall to buy necessities, to socialize with other people, whereby learners living in poverty find it laborious to survive out for shopping because they do not have money to buy things their needs. For example the school uniforms, food so that they can consume in order to travel to school and also the resources at school, which will avail them to advance their learning (Smith, 2015).THE APPROACH OF CRITICAL THEORYCritical Theory questions how the educational system can offer the best training to the learners, by making certain that all learners receive a full instruction. Lack of resources in school can result in lack of performance, especially in the learners living in poverty. Theory ensures that the most school has the right resources which poor learners cannot afford so that they can learn better because it recognized that most learners come from different desktops and it caters on how to help such learners who survive in poverty.

THE APPROACH POSTMODERNISM AND CRITICAL THEORY IN OVERCOMING BARRIERS TO LEARNING In most schools, teachers are confronted with hard challenges of learner who face personal and emotional troubles. Scholars living in poverty experience difficulties that lead them to barriers to learning such as injury, unable to co-operate and take part in the classroom, who are unable to experience contact with peers. It is the teacher’s duty to examine each learner in the division so that the instructor can be capable to cater for all learners, including those with barriers to learning so that they do not feel left out. Critical Theory helps teachers in overcoming the issue which leads to learning barriers. By implementing strategies and patterns that teachers can apply in teaching to accommodate learners with barriers to learning which is induced by poverty. Such as getting learners engaged by connecting content with learning by working in pairs, groups, share ideas. Teachers should not be afraid to be vulnerable in not knowing how to help such learners by asking other teachers.CONCLUSIONIn conclusion


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