Part Today, their demands have been fulfilled. The

Part 4 Gender inequality is a big problem that every country in the world faced and should be resolved seriously.

It affects to basic human rights and also obstructs the growth of the country as well. It can be problematic because of the belief that men are more powerful than women. But there is a hope that this problem can be solved eventually. According to World Economics Forum Global Gender Gap report, many countries are able to narrow the inequality gap.

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Iceland has had the closest gender gap of any country in the world. The Iceland’s women has been campaigning and promoting gender equality through the strikes for a long time. “A strong women’s movement and huge pressure from feminist groups have been behind the political will in Iceland to rapidly introduce a series of radical measures in gender issues” Today, their demands have been fulfilled. The success of gender equality in Iceland is based on several factors.

Political system are the first important factor. The government provides substantial support for equality between men and women. Iceland’s government is comprised of over 40% of women.

“This can be attributed to several political decisions, such as a legal right for parents to return to their job after childbirth and a equal pay policy.” The second key factor for developing gender equality is wider Icelandic society and culture. In Iceland, women and men have equal roles in domestic works and childcare. Also, the men’s belief that seeing as women a sex objects is noticeably reduced in Iceland’s society. Children will grow up with equal cares from both father and mother. The last factor contributing Iceland to be the most equal gender country is education system. The idea of ??gender equality has been taught to children since early-aged of them so that they will grow up to be good adults.

In addition, gender equality knowledges are also a part of teaching and learning in all levels of education. These effective factors have resulted to Iceland for being a country with a very high level of gender equality. Many countries that are successful in gender equality use these factors for closing gender inequality gap as well. Although Iceland is still not able to fill the gap completely at present, it is a great start for other countries to learn from the Icelandic model


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