Parents saying. They have this persistent mindset to

Parents are the best teachers at the beginning of every parsons life. They were the first teachers in a toddler’s life. They taught them how to eat, talk, and walk. Then those toddlers are sent out to the world with a true reflection of their parents. Firstly, parents make it their life mission to always pass down their knowledge and experiences to their children even if that child is hearing but not listening to what they are saying. They have this persistent mindset to keep teaching to see their offspring successes in life. Thus, they always teach their children great things, they never give them any bad advice. Moreover, parents are committed to their kids more than any school teacher could be. They are not professional teachers and they are not paid to do what they do. Still, they do it, they do it purely out of love and with passion. They don’t expect their kids to repay them they just expect them to listen with an open ear. Additionally, the things children are taught by their parents are more valuable. They teach them how to survive and morals of life by how to distinguish well from bad. Hence, the lessons they learn are incomparable from the lessons academic teachers convey. Parents are not complete teachers, but they are the makers of the fundamental foundation of each person’s life.


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