Packaging quality assurance, logistics, regulatory,legal, graphic use,

Packaging has four distinct marketing functions according to book “essentials of marketing ” by Charles w. lamb and colleagues .It protects our product from distribution , sale etc. It also promotes our product. It helps consumers to identify your product and how to use that product: for example, by allowing them to resell it between uses. Finally, it reduces environmental damages.
Packaging is an art of protecting products for sale, distribution, storage. Packaging means to deliver the products to consumers in a perfect condition. Well-designed packaging meets the requirements of the product while minimizing the environmental impacts of both product and its package. Goodpackaging usethe right kind of material as are necessary to perform this task.Packaging contains transports, preserves, protects, informs, etc. In many countries it is fully integrated into business, industrial, institutional, government, and personal use.Package development and design are often thought as a part of new product development process. Package design starts with identification of all requirements:marketing, quality assurance, logistics, regulatory,legal, graphic use, environmental It, shelf life etc.
is important to note the difference between packing and packaging. Packing


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