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0px Times}ul.ul1 {list-style-type: disc}In 2014, 71 fires were reported in Nairobi alone. This was only in the month of January and February. These fires claimed the lives of 2 and accounted for over Sh80,000,000 in asset losses. These statistics only cover 2 months and increased as the months followed. 3 years later, fires are still a major problem and the lack of preparation for them causes an even bigger risk. We are privileged enough to live in a society where there are little to no fires that spread across our lands destroying everything in their way.

Because of this, many people in Kenya do not bother to get insured against fires. This should be a mandatory insurance especially for business and home owners. Home Fire Insurance and Fire Insurance cover a policy holder in the case of any damages or losses incurred during a fire. This is important in a business because it covers all the expensive machinery that it used to ensure that production takes place smoothly. Without this insurance, then a company would have to replace everything all on their own dime.

This can cost millions of Shillings that could even bankrupt the company seeing as revenue is not coming in at such a stage. Insurance in Kenya is not only important for business owners but for home owners as well. Home Insurance Benefits are given to home owners when they take out Homeowners Insurance. This covers the owner and their family from any costs that are related to repurchasing or rebuilding any part of the home or the home as a whole. This can save the family in case of a flood, fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster. Seeing as these disasters are normally random and can occur in anyone’s home, it is important to be insured in every aspect just to prepare for the worst. The saying, ‘hope for the best but prepare for the worst,’ illustrates this point.

 Rescue Insurance is an insurance policy that covers the evacuation and rescue process if a fire or any other disaster comes about. This can cater for the medics, firefighters and any other personnel involved in the rescue process. It also covers the equipment and tactics that are used during the process. It is important to get this insurance so that all measures are taken in case of any natural disaster that can affect your home or your business.  Seeing as Kenya is not prone to fire, the steps that should be taken are an unclear topic. The main 5 things that should be done after a fire are: Call the authorities and insurance agency immediately.Find restoration companies that can deal with soot and any construction that needs to take place.

Separate damaged property from undamaged property.Cooperate fully with insurance and police investigations.Find a different place to stay or conduct business until all construction is done. Seeing as fire can burn property to nothing but ash, it is important to keep inventory of all the assets and valuables in the premises. This can help during the investigation and it will allow the insurance company to cover everything that was lost or damaged and not just some things. Some insurance policies also cover expensive paintings or unique property. If your home or business has these then ensure that they are covered because replacing them would either be too expensive or impossible.

 Kenya is one of the areas with the least cases of fires reported, however, this does not mean fires do not occur. It is crucial to be insured against fires and other natural disasters. To find out more, go to (insert link here).


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