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s1 {font-kerning: none}span.Apple-tab-span {white-space:pre}Allen Li405110600My Philosophy of Life Life is like walking in a maze. It is endless, colorful, and unpredictable. As you never know what to wait for you at the next turn, you can only turn around, and then see fate to provide us countless surprises, setbacks, reunion, parting, climax, trough, and also incidentally arrange countless transitions. Since everyone is unique, different people may come up with different ideas toward their philosophy of life. Each person develops their own philosophy of life from the initial preferences, dreams to social experiences.

For me, I undoubtedly have my own answer and I will elaborate more on the following paragraphs.  To begin with, happiness is one of the most important roles in my life. It is indispensable.

Without it, my life will be tedious. Generally, happiness is subjective, that is, it doesn’t have a constant definition, and everyone has their exclusive ideas. For instance, some would be ravished with joy if he or she were the richest man in the world. Others may regard happiness as vanity. Still others don’t have any unequivocal view on this topic. The others just think that contentment is the root of happiness.  In the long run, many teachers, professors, or psychologists are dedicated to having examined this idea of happiness, proclaiming that the concept of happiness is mental. It’s no need to rely on other materials to be delighted.

It’s like an instinct. In my defense, I think this argument don’t pretty objective. Indeed, happiness usually is triggered by my heart or mind; however, this is just a little scientific evidence, which can’t substantiate the whole idea. In some cases, we are wrenched in smiles because of the external factors. Take myself, for example. Sometimes I felt fatigued at night after studying for a long time. Then, I would like to walk alone to the balcony to breathe the fresh air.

No sooner had I stepped out the room than my breath was truly taken away by the fantastic night scenes. The neon signs and street lights were twinkling in this city below me. People were as tiny as ants. Interestingly, I imagined that I had been the king, watching my prosperous kingdom with soft breeze brushing my cheeks gently.

A massive Ferris wheel in Miramar Entertainment Park with colourful lights nearby was the most magnificent landscape in my kingdom. I completely immersed myself in this breathtaking scenery, forgetting the passing of time. It was the simple but wonderful action that made me find great pleasure. That’s a direct sample that can exemplify my idea. Also, that’s what I want in my life. As a student from a middle-income family, life isn’t necessarily hard but I also don’t always get everything I want.

In fact, I feel content. Whenever my family and I have leisure time, we will sit around and share something with each other. This is my first conscious experience with happiness. Another of my experiences with happiness come from my friends. They have always been the silent supporters behind my glory and my refuge on the stormy days of my life. I always feel the fundamental love from them. Last, I am also pleased when I make progress.

I once attended a volunteer work. We went to the rural area to help the local students learning and accompanied them. I had never engaged in such activity before, but I did experience lots of matters. I was sure that it significantly made me learn to adapt to a new environment. Moreover, the sighting of the life of the poor definitely served as a warning to me and let me cherish what I had now. The time we were about to leave, I saw the innocent smile on the children’s face. I soon realized that happiness is the meaning of the moment to you, and it is about how much we value our experience at that moment.

In my life I definitely will spend a long time with one person, who is myself. So I always regard that I must get along with myself, safeguard the best interests of the individual; otherwise, my life will be very long and difficult. Besides, I remind myself that I have to listen to my mind, to know myself, and take care of myself, which reinforces the foundation of a happy life.

After all, the long-term happiness is based on understanding oneself. On the other hand, I found that the most certain source of unhappiness is to compare with others. Endless competition will never let you feel satisfied. You just want to be better than others. The only exception that can make you feel positive is to compare yourself to someone less than yourself. But it’s wrong. Pursuing superiority is not a life purpose. For me, I believe we shouldn’t put your happiness on others.

True happiness must come from ourselves. No matter what you do, believe in yourself, and don’t let others bring you down. No matter how complicated life is, keep your own elegance. No matter how bad it was yesterday, don’t let it affect your present and future. Life is hard, but if you have the ability to laugh at life, you have the power to enjoy life. That’s the opinion I hold.  Another aspect is life is that I don’t like to get stuck in a rut; therefore, I would like to make my life diverse. And I believe the law of cause and effect.

Even though we can’t control everything in life and it’s true that sometimes life will throw a curve ball at us, still, I believe that I can make choices in my own life and not merely follow the goals and dreams of other people. To be honest, an idea and dream life should equal a bed of roses, sleeping till noon, having brunch and afternoon tea, walking out of a stylish bookstore with a bag of books that only serve the purpose of looking refined or being a so-called hipster, and cheering whole night talking about life or unnecessary things. However, fantasy is always good, but the reality is always cruel. If my life were exactly the same as the above-mentioned, I would definitely despise myself.  I like to add some different activities in my life. That’s why I start to work from now on. Entering the workplace brings me some unpredictability. However, it is those unpredictability that enriches my life.

My dream job is being a qualified teacher. In the past, I had enjoyed standing on the platform, sharing some ideas with students. Those preliminary experiences make me be sure what I really want. On the other hand, I wish I could become my future students’ mentor. Nevertheless, I know that I still have lots of significant knowledge and abilities I need to acquire. To fulfill my dream, I have already formulated some plans. I tell myself that I have to seize every golden opportunity to try everything and learn some lessons from each of them.

Some people may ask why I should work. I don’t have a concrete answer, but I know that work is not just job. It makes me grow up and jump out of my comfort zone.  In conclusion, my philosophy of life must constitute the pure happiness.

At the same time, I get to have my own will to do whatever I want and achieve my goal. Life is short, but I want to make it colorful as much as I could. That’s all my thoughts about my life. 


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